Spain – Barcelona, last part!

Spain was extremely fun!! We really had alot of fun with my cousins, everyone is around the same age and it was so much fun hanging out together in another country. It was sad leaving Spain after 10 wonderful days but we sure looked forward to Italy, Rome! ๐Ÿ™‚DSC_0858This day we just hung out with the whole fam! It was one of the funniest days there. My aunts, their husbands and all the youngsters got together and went out. Miss them so much! (I won’t be posting pictures of them.)โ†‘โ†“DSC_0870We even met my friends cousin in La Rambla!! It was so random (the girl in the middleย โ†“). She is from Belgium and we are from Sweden but we met in Spain for the first time lol.IMG-20150805-WA0016DSC_0885 DSC_0913 IMG-20150805-WA0054
This picture above shows one of my favorite places in Barcelona. It is called The magic fountain. We didn’t bring the camera with us this day and I so regret that. Anyways this picture is from our last day in Spain. We didn’t have our camera with us everyday so the pictures you’ve seen does not cover our whole trip but it sure covered our favorite moments and days! THANK YOU SPAIN for all the new memories!

– Until next time in shaa Allah! โค