Stop complaining

Sounds easy.. And it kinda is.
I wanted my first post of the year to be about something I have thought about and something I have tried to change. Generally I’m a positive person but like every other human being I do complain, even if it is to myself and not for everyone to hear. As soon as we start to complain a wave of negativity hits us. That wave ain’t a holiday in Mykonos wave, it is a Nazaré (Portugal) surfing wave. In other words, it is high! That negativity tends to make the good things in life go unseen, they are kept hidden behind a wave & makes you focus only on the negative. And all the positives in life are slowly drifting away (drifting awaay, wave after wave hihi).

What I’m trying to say is that complaining -> negativity.
Negativity = bye bye positivity. Wow I really know how to explain things.

On a serious note, I do believe that being aware of when you complain is a real advantage. The minute you complain (and are aware of it) try to control the way you think and try to always see the pros (instead of the cons) in the situation.
You missed the morning bus… Well did you die? Maybe you got an extra minute hug from your kid or an extra minute to eat your apple. It’s not like you will have to run to work, catch the next bus.
– You forgot your headphones at home… Well does it hurt to hear your own thoughts?
– Someone stepped on your foot (super annoying)… Well did you lose your foot?
– It is super snowy and cold AF… Is it really that bad tho??

Put your thoughts to sleep,
do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart.
Let go of thinking.
– Rumi

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

I can feel it in the air!

I love how much I could feel the spring vibes this week, a little rain, sunshine and nice breeze. It made me so excited every morning on my way to work. Today was the best! ♥ Me and my friend went out for a walk and took some pictures and videos! The sun was shining so bright and it was so much fun not freezing to death 🙂 Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Stand with Syria Armband #Charity

dsc_0237 dsc_0238 dsc_0248dsc_0249
dsc_0240 dsc_0242 dsc_0246
To my swedish readers:
Jag har länge velat göra något för att hjälpa våra bröder och systrar i Syrien. Även om jag inte kan ändra på konflikten och få fred i landet så vill jag ändå hjälpa de som påverkas utav kriget.

Som många av er vet har jag, med hjälp av några underbara vänner, fixat armband som jag nu säljer. Allt som samlas in går oavkortat till den aktuella insamlingen, som är till Israa Abdalis humanitära hjälpverksamhet, STAND WITH SYRIA.  Stand with Syria har samlat ihop pengar och köpt olika saker som de syriska flyktingarna är i störst behov av just nu. SWS  fyller containers och skickar ner olika nödvändigheter. De tillgodoser grundläggande behov av skydd, mat och medicinsk utrustning m.m. De är super duktiga på att uppdatera och dela med sig bilder samt videos om processen, för att visa er att hjälpen når fram! Av dessa flertal, underbara, anledningar har jag valt att donera det som samlas in till SWS.

Hur beställer man?
Meddela mig via instadirect (instagram @hijabiwithlove) eller mejla mig på 🙂

Hur mycket kostar ett armband?
Ett armband säljs för 50 kr MEN man får själv bestämma om man vill betala mer än så, inte för att jag tycker att mina armband är mer värda, utan för att det handlar om själva donationen samt hjälpen! 🙂 50 kr eller 50+.

Vill du följa SWS olika projekt samt arbete så kan du följa de via instagram: @stand_with_syria.
dsc_0234dsc_0258 dsc_0244dsc_0224 dsc_0254
Har ni frågor kan ni mejla eller lämna en kommentar!
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

A day by the castle ♥

DSC_0260 DSC_0271DSC_0268 DSC_0273DSC_0274 DSC_0276  DSC_0284 DSC_0298

Me and Zora went to the most gorgeous place yesterday. The weather was absolutely amazing and we decided to visit ‘Drottningholm slott’, a castle in Drottning. It was warm but windy at the same time,  we brought snacks with us and just roamed around. We were there for a little more than two hours but felt like 30 minutes lol. It has been warm these past four days which has been awesome(!) because it had rained and been cloudy for more than two weeks. Basically since I got home from Morocco. So I have finally been able to enjoy Stockholm a little bit these past days BUT… now it’s cloudy and rainy again as I’m writing this post. I’m headed out now but do come back and visit my blog again for my (last) Dubai vlog, Morocco and Spain vlogs (from this summer vacay) that will start rolling in here! 🙂

DSC_0255 DSC_0258 DSC_0262
DSC_0281DSC_0292DSC_0294DSC_0343For those who asked on instagram, this tunic was bought in Morocco. It’s from Mango 🙂
Photographer of the day! Zora ↓
Oh sunshine please visit us again..
– Until net time in shaa Allah! ❤

Wedding shower(ish)

Yesterday we had a such a fun day with the bride to be (iA). A close friend of mine and some of the brides friends got together and planned a kind of wedding shower where we would just hang out and do different things (and eat ofc), it turned out great!! May God bless my friends marriage and may Allah reunited them in Jennah! 🙂
DSC_0355 DSC_0357 DSC_0370 DSC_0379 DSC_0392 DSC_0396DSC_0401 DSC_0408DSC_0398DSC_0399 That fishspa though lol! Crazy fun, most of us were super scared!  DSC_0433 DSC_0463 DSC_0471 We were at a gameplace, a place where you are locked in different rooms and have to know the clues around you to be able to go out!DSC_0505
DSC_0520And ofc food. Oh foood (and dessert)! 🙂

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Swedish summer – 50 shades of grey.

– Pictures taken from my bedroom window. 

These pictures literally describes how the “summer” has been here. I think we got three hot summer days and the rest of the summer contained of 50 shades of clouds and then rain. It has to be the coldest summer in a really (!) long time. During Ramadan I was like ‘woop woop’ but before Ramadan and now after it gets a bit dull, like today. I’ve been like a zombie all day long. I tried to go out, went shopping and bought some sushi (yummy 🙂 ) but at the end of the day it was a dark and cloudy day and my body was like “okey lets turn into a dark cloud as well”, so I’ve been feeling like a zombie all day long. But alhamdulillah for everything, people have literally been dying of the heat this year… SubhanaAllah.. So I should not be complaining.
Hope everyone else is having a great summer so far!

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

All the blessings #LoveRamadan

The first week of Ramadan is over and we’re in our second week, time flies! Ramadan sure is one of the coziest months of the year. I love how we focus on the relationship we have with God, we focus on Allah only. Although our stomachs may be empty most of the time, this month of Ramadan enriches our souls. It’s all about the spiritual side, it’s all about the imaanboost. We charge our souls with imaan so it’ll last until next year, next ramadan and then basically we do the same thing all over again.

It truly is a month of blessings. We all have dates (and eat dates hehe) every night alhamdulillah, we realize how much food really means and the value of it. We realize how blessed we are, not only because of the food but also how blessed we are to have people around us that we love. Ramadan may be difficult (since we fast around 20 hours) but it is still so worth it when we sit together with our families every evning to eat. It reminds us of how much time dunya has taken from us, it reminds us of how many dinners we’ve missed at home and how important it is for us to sit down with our families and just be.. We really should take time to appreciate what Allah has blessed us with.

#Me and my brother the other day. To be out, to take walks and enjoy the creation at its finest is, for me, a way to build my spiritual side. The nature, the sunsets and the company. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

What do you love about Ramadan? (Comment)

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Happiness in a box!

So you guys know that I am all about positivity! 🙂 I love what this factor stands for and how it is an essential factor in our lives, that makes life better. Just positivity itself can lead to so many things as happiness, love and motivation. All these things are stuff we need to think about and that is why I wanted to share an idea of how you can maintain this in your lives.

I have a way of reminding myself everyday of how blessed and loved I am. That makes me positive and motivated for everything I do in life. I have a little, pink box on my bedroom table, next to it I have small note-sized pieces of paper and a pink pen. What I do is I write down one quote, aya(quran verse) or a saying that I like on each paper. Then I fold the notes and put it into the box. You are probably wondering why but what I do is I open up the box each morning to read one note a day, and there I find a quote or something else I find inspiring and uplifting.

If you don’t want to write them yourself you can have your friends or familymembers write notes and put them in the box so you’ll read their favorite quotes and motivational notes instead. Right now my box is filled with notes from my friends and family so when I read their quotes and also the name of who wrote it I always smile, seeing the name of my loved ones makes me even happier!! 🙂 I hope you liked this idea! Here are some notes from my box that I have opened so far:
IMG_1253IMG_1258 - KopiaIMG_1272 - KopiaIMG_1281 - Kopia
Smile, forget your problems. /Samia S.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. /Zora
Keep your eyez on the price! /Iman H.
When you’re feeling down, think about one of the funniest memoryies you’ve had! /Samia S.IMG_1284IMG_1305IMG_1312IMG_1314
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤
Photocred: my bestie Zora!


Hi and Salam Waaleykom lovelies!

Hope everyone is doing great this Ramadan. Right now i’m sitting in our home in Morocco. Alhamdulillah, I got here on Thursday and now it’s Wednesday. I’ve been here for almost a week and I got to tell you guys time flies by. The first two days were the hardest: I had to clean the whole house from scratch and I missed my family and friends so much! It felt weird being here by myself since that has never happened before. But after those two days when I was settled with everything at home, I’d met my cousins and family, I got used to it. But alhamdulillah we talk constantly and in a couple of weeks they will be here! 🙂 And alhamdulillah my travel from Sweden to Spain and Spain to Morocco went well.

20140702_163055Over Denmark, mashaAllah it was so Beautiful!



20140702_212525My hotelroom for the night, the view and outside the hotel. -Barcelona

I hope everyone has a wonderful Ramadan, May Allah accept your fast and guide us all during this blessed month! Don’t forget our brothers and sisters, around the world that aren’t as fortune as we are (alhamdulillah), in your dua.

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤