Feel like a new person yet? #2019

Tea Time Reading:
So it’s officially a new year, 2019 is in the building. How strange is it that it’s already a new year? The strangest part is that next year iA it will be 2020(!)… The future is here.

I hope that most of you realize that this day, this year, is just another day & another year. Some have waited for a new year to start with their goals, to get their life together. If you are that person, you will have a very hard time starting. If you planned something a month ago and thought ‘I’ll start in January, in the new year’, that is called procrastination. You will never start if you’re waiting for a new year, month or week. Start the moment you think about it, at least for a minute. If it is about writing something, write for five minutes or write five sentences. If it is to fix something, work with it for ten minutes. JUST DO IT (no I’m not sponsored by Nike *I wish*). You have to get started, have a mindset to do a little at a time, that will get you into the flow of work. Postponing it is doing you no favor.

A lot of people put unrealistic expectations on themselves to become this new person after New Years Eve. People think they will go from being one person to another, this is not Cinderella. After midnight of New Years Eve, it’s just another day and you will be the same person. Don’t put high expectations on yourself because we don’t change over night, you will just discourage yourself. Start the moment you feel motivated. Stop waiting for the perfect day or hour (or year).

With that said, I hope you have a wonderful 2019! I hope God blesses you with your finest memories so far and with a lot of love & gratitude. Hope you change for the better, change yourself for the better and the world for the better! 🙂

What is one goal you want to achieve this year? Or one thing you want to change? Maybe there is something you hope to get out of this year? Something you look forward to?


Todays reflection ♄
One thing I find myself thinking a lot about is Self love. In todays society with movies, magazines & social media everything has gotten superficial. People want to look like others and be like others so they’ve totally forgotten about themselves. A lot of people are preoccupied wanting to change themselves into other people they look up to, and they forget about their own talents, abilities and looks. People tend to forget their own strengths and what makes them unique. Why does everyone have to have big lips, behinds and be thin? Why does everyone want to look like the Hadids, sing like Beyonce and act like Viola Davis? I mean hey I would too but that doesn’t mean I forget me, myself & I.

It is nothing wrong with looking up to someone and wanting to be like them, to a certain degree but don’t lose yourself on the way. Focus on your look; what do you like about yourself (highlight that!) & what do you like less about yourself (learn to love it!)? Focus on your talent and abilities; what can you bring to the table? What can you contribute to the world?

If you focus on looking like someone else and being someone else then the world loses someone like you. You were meant to be you. Don’t make us have a billion Kardashians and none of You.

What I disliked most about myself was my smile, I used to not like how my teeth were bigger than others and how much they were showing when I smiled and laughed. I learned to see it from another perspective and learned to love it. Now I see it as a good thing; when I smile/laugh you can see it through my whole face and my big smile! I love that it shows so much when I am happy!

What do you Love about yourself? What do you dislike about yourself? How can you change that? #SELFLOVE

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❀