I touched the clouds! #Naxos

Hi & Salam!
This day was soo cozy and cool! We went up to an old village/town in the mountains. Right before our destination, we found a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, we stopped and ate lunch since the view was a killer. I will probably never have lunch in a place with that type of view again. Loved it!

The village had small cute houses and shops. We went in to a church and listened to the priest, an older woman welcomed us and she was so tiny and kind! Hihi. Outside of the church, there were people sitting everywhere, out on the streets, playing games and talking to each other. I loved that typical greek vibe you would see in movies.

After we roamed around we went to the place where we had lunch and watched the sunset. I can to this day say that the sunset we saw that day was the coolest!! We were on top of a mountain and we were sitting with our feet hanging down the edge of the road. That adrenalin tho! The yellow color of the sunset was so strong but that actually disappeared pretty fast, it suddenly got super cloudy… I have seen 50 shades of clouds and all types of clouds where I live but subhanaAllah that was to another level! The clouds were coming from the ocean under us and slid up towards us. I got soo excited seeing the clouds coming up my way! And YES I touched the clouds, it passed by/through us and the clouds were so cold. Coolest feeling!!

We had to hurry down since it was getting too cloudy and gloomy, we were afraid it would be impossible to drive. So we headed down and got something to eat. Down in the city there were literally no sign of clouds lol, subhanaAllah. What a day!
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

2 thoughts on “I touched the clouds! #Naxos

  1. Wow! It is beautiful. Reminds me of Busra, Turkey. We walked all he way up to one of the oldest trees still alive. And a restaurant was built under its boughs. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing with us.

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