A day by the castle ♥

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Me and Zora went to the most gorgeous place yesterday. The weather was absolutely amazing and we decided to visit ‘Drottningholm slott’, a castle in Drottning. It was warm but windy at the same time,  we brought snacks with us and just roamed around. We were there for a little more than two hours but felt like 30 minutes lol. It has been warm these past four days which has been awesome(!) because it had rained and been cloudy for more than two weeks. Basically since I got home from Morocco. So I have finally been able to enjoy Stockholm a little bit these past days BUT… now it’s cloudy and rainy again as I’m writing this post. I’m headed out now but do come back and visit my blog again for my (last) Dubai vlog, Morocco and Spain vlogs (from this summer vacay) that will start rolling in here! 🙂

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DSC_0281DSC_0292DSC_0294DSC_0343For those who asked on instagram, this tunic was bought in Morocco. It’s from Mango 🙂
Photographer of the day! Zora ↓
Oh sunshine please visit us again..
– Until net time in shaa Allah! ❤


So this is a post I definitely did NOT see coming, I never thought I would write about this subject, neither now nor in the near future (or ever)! As some of you have read through the course of the last three-five days, France has banned a full body swimsuit for muslim women called Burkini. Just writing that sentence makes me cringe. And the even weirder and crazier part is the reason behind the ban. According to the mayor it is because of the tension caused by the latest violence and terrorist threats. According to them it has nothing to do with racism, they banned it for safety reasons and for people’s security… How dumb is this?

So much of what I wrote above is wrong on so many levels. How can they link the burkini to terrorism? How can a piece of clothing be a threat? How can Burkini decrease the level of security? How can they decide what women should wear to the BEACH? How is this even a topic of discussion?!

– One of the problems is ofc that they can link islamic clothing (in other words Islam) to terrorism openly without it being an absurd and non tolerant thing. It has become normal to talk ill about muslims and ban muslims from things they have the right to act on/do (I know creapy). They can say “Their clothes should not be allowed, it is dangerous/not safe” without it being a problem when it infact means: muslims are dangerous. The signal this sends out is that muslims aren’t welcome to the beach (and other places) and that if you are covered you can be a threat. How is this signal OK to send out?

– Another problem is that people yet again try to decide what we should do or what we should wear. They try to tell us who to be, how to act and how our identities don’t matter unless we follow their rules. This for me is super confusing. All muslims in the west must have read or heard that none muslims (who think they know it all) don’t comprehend how (some) muslim  men can decide what muslim women should do or how they should dress and yet again we have the same people (not all of them ofc) telling muslim women what to wear. How twisted is that? Apparently me and my fellow sisters are oppressed because we are forced to wear the hijab by others (which is not true ofc), and they think by forcing us to dress a certain way they are helping us… They are the ones oppressing muslim women by taking away their rights do be who they want to be and dress how they want to dress.

I’m so tired of the “what should muslim women wear” discussion. If my sisters don’t want to be half naked while swiming, they shouldn’t be forced. If my sisters want to cover up, they should be able to. And if my sisters want to be free, let them be free. Stop trying to set us free from a decision we freely made!! Stop trying to label us. You do you, and we are going to do us and just keep being awesome. 🙂

If you made it this far, kudos to you.
Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Exclusive Madonna Holiday in France

Madonna, France has a message for you: You can’t swim with us. #youcantsitwithus


Watch out peeps, my bestie might attack you at the beach. I mean she’s neither showing her hair nor wearing a bikini after all. #Buh