The time Africa was a country!

Here is the vlog for day two and some pics, I forgot my camera home that day but my phone for the rescue lol. So I got some pics and for some reason they don’t want to load up on the vlog so you only got a few.

This day was super relaxed and fun, we tried to relax but still get in as much as we can in one day, as usual. We went to:
– the pool,
– to eat breakfast,
– to the beach,
– dinner at Jedoudna (best libanese food ever!),
– global village.
There were a lot of people in Dubai and it felt like everyone was in Global Village lol. After that we went to Operation falafel where we lived and just hung out even more.

I could not have asked for better weather or company, our days were so fun and filled with laughter alhamdulillah. I absolutely love  Dubai and everything that goes with it.


+ Pictures:
IMG-20160108-WA0308IMG-20160101-WA007020151230_18471120151230_190859 20151230_22104320151230_221102

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

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