Spain – Barcelona, Part 2!

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So I’m back with pics from day three, another super warm day! Since it is super warm I really LOVE all the fruit thingys Barcelona had. They had fruit-smoothies and fruitboxes for snacks everywhere we went! It was so yummy and refreshing since we always wanted something cold when we walked around. I always bought fruitboxes, small fruitholders with different fruits in it. They were cut the perfect size so you could eat them easily with a fork without thinking of peeling them or cutting them. Best snacks ever! 🙂

We spent day 3 at free zone of Park guall, and we returned the day after to wander around the place that people have to pay for. It was super nice but extremely hot! We almost melted away.. Almost.. Then we went back to La Rambla, we went shopping and we also ate dinner there. I have to say one thing: THE FOOD WAS NOT GOOD. I mean I was so disappointed at the food over there, it was eatable but meeh.. I was excited about Paella but naah.. I did not like it. And the service at the stores over there was definitely something me and my bestie hated. But other than that Barcelona was nice! To be continued…

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

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