Spain – Barcelona, Part 1!

Hi and Salam waaleykom!
I thought I’d share pictures from my two week trip to Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy. We went ten days to Barcelona where we met my cousins from Barcelona and my couins from Holland, and then from there we went to Rome. We were in Rome for five days, Alhamdulillah this trip was amazing. Here are some pictures and then there is more to read after the pics, for the ones that like to read hehe.

Day 1 – Travel day 🙂DSC_0442
Our sixth trip together!DSC_0446
DSC_0458My cousins from holland and spain came and picked us up! DSC_0459

Day 2 – Barcelona
La boqueria Market in Barcelona is a m a z i n g, I wanted everything. We came back another day to taste some things.DSC_0491DSC_0492DSC_0498DSC_0499
La Rambla was definitely one of my favorite places in Barcelona, it never ended!DSC_0509DSC_0514
I vloged this trip, hope I have enough footage to post a good video iA! 🙂 ↑
DSC_0577DSC_0578DSC_0568It started to rain so we decided to dance in the rain, of my bucket list lol!↑

The first thing I’m gonna say is that Barcelona was super hot. I’m the kind of person that never drinks enough water but my God did I drink alot this trip!! I felt so dehydrated this trip, since it was so warm and sweaty I had to drink alot. This meant that I didn’t drink alot of Coca Cola. Woho! My mum is proud of me, just saying lol. Anyway this is the sixth trip in four years for me and my bestie, alhamdulillah!! I feel so blessed to be able to experience everything in life. The first day was spent with the cousins, we were all just chilling and catching up. Loved hanging out with them!! The next day we went to check in to our hotel and then we just hung out with my cousin and walked around La rambla. We had so much fun that night, cozy walk and alot of laughs happened. 🙂 (If you made it this far you’re amazing.)
Barcelona sure left a mark on me. To be continued…
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤



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