Eid Mubarek!

Eid Mubarek everyone!! 🙂

Eid was yesterday here in Sweden, but I usually enjoy three days of it haha. Today (second day of eid) was super chill, my siblings came again and their kids. I wasn’t feeling super well but it was fun, love my nephews!! My bestie is coming soon and we’ll probably watch a movie or something chill since it’s nighttime.

Yesterday, first day of Eid, was super fun! We celebrated eid as we usually do but it was still probably the most fun Eid we’ve had. Our family keeps getting bigger mashaAllah and that is probably why. And as we all know eid is usually all about food and hanging out. We ate, hung out, ate, hung out, ate and hung out again lol. We ended the night with a walk, love summer nights!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and may we experience a lot more eids hihi.

– Until next in shaa Allah! ❤

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