Reminder: 2/3 of Ramadan.

SubhanaAllah half of ramadan is already gone, it went by super fast!! I usually divide ramadan into three parts, 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. 10 days each. Okey so I’m just writing this post as a reminder to myself and to all of my muslim peeps!

I went out for a walk with my sister, her new adorable baby and my mom. During this walk I was just thinking about our fasting and how fast ramadan goes by. It feels like it goes by faster every year, subhanaAllah. Anyway and during these 30 days of fasting this is what I’ve noticed:
– 1/3: the first days are super exciting for everyone, everyone is not only fasting but they are feeding their souls. These are the days people set goals and everyone is trying to be better muslim. Which is awesomesauce!!
– 2/3: this is where it kind of takes a turn for some people. When we come to the second and middle part of ramadan alot of people tend to slack and forget alot about what this month is about. People only fast from food and aren’t reading enough quran or making alot of dua anymore etc.
– 3/3: This is the last period of the month where people regain their hype and imaan again. They start to do better and then baam… The month is over.

Now.. Ramadan is a month of the year. This means it’s only 30 days(!) of a good 365 days! Try to not slack, try to take advantage of this holy month. Try to get rid of bad habits, get new/good ones and just make this month count. Make the WHOLE month meaningful. Half of it is already gone, spend the rest of the time wisely and try to stay motivated, even if it can be tough during summer. I really hope everything is going well for everyone, I know the days in most countries can be super long but inshaAllah you’ll get through it with your body and soul. May Allah reward you for your effort and make it easy upon all of you! 🙂

– Pics from the walk.
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

4 thoughts on “Reminder: 2/3 of Ramadan.

  1. Amiin to your dua! I toooootally agree haha there are three parts of Ramadan and sobhanAllah I think it shows us how we humans work. We all have our ups and downs, even during Ramadan. 🙂

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