Rotana Cafe

Today a friend of mine went to Jordan and last week two of my friends traveled as well.. It’s my turn soon inshaAllah and I can’t wait!! I’m sitting here thinking about a place me and my friends (two of them that have traveled) went to before Ramadan called Rotana café, seriously I loooved that place. I love fries and they had the best fries ever, and everything was super delicious. I miss my girls already!!

We didn’t decide on a dresscode (the colours), it just happened… But loved it! 🙂20150616_192911

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Swedish summer – 50 shades of grey.

– Pictures taken from my bedroom window. 

These pictures literally describes how the “summer” has been here. I think we got three hot summer days and the rest of the summer contained of 50 shades of clouds and then rain. It has to be the coldest summer in a really (!) long time. During Ramadan I was like ‘woop woop’ but before Ramadan and now after it gets a bit dull, like today. I’ve been like a zombie all day long. I tried to go out, went shopping and bought some sushi (yummy 🙂 ) but at the end of the day it was a dark and cloudy day and my body was like “okey lets turn into a dark cloud as well”, so I’ve been feeling like a zombie all day long. But alhamdulillah for everything, people have literally been dying of the heat this year… SubhanaAllah.. So I should not be complaining.
Hope everyone else is having a great summer so far!

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Eid Mubarek!

Eid Mubarek everyone!! 🙂

Eid was yesterday here in Sweden, but I usually enjoy three days of it haha. Today (second day of eid) was super chill, my siblings came again and their kids. I wasn’t feeling super well but it was fun, love my nephews!! My bestie is coming soon and we’ll probably watch a movie or something chill since it’s nighttime.

Yesterday, first day of Eid, was super fun! We celebrated eid as we usually do but it was still probably the most fun Eid we’ve had. Our family keeps getting bigger mashaAllah and that is probably why. And as we all know eid is usually all about food and hanging out. We ate, hung out, ate, hung out, ate and hung out again lol. We ended the night with a walk, love summer nights!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and may we experience a lot more eids hihi.

– Until next in shaa Allah! ❤

Eid outfit ideas! ♥

Suggestion outsies! 🙂
Outsie nr 1: ↓

Outsie nr 2:↓
Here are two outfit ideas for you lovelies! These two outfits really portray my vision for an eid outfit. I personally think that eid outfits should consist of bright colours and a lot of garment. Long, flowy or bright dresses, skirts or tunics etc. That’ll make a girl look like a princess! Bright colours always make an outfit stand out more for sure. That’s why I chose pink (my favorite colour) for the skirt and blouse (same colours made it look like a maxi dress). I also chose white/beige coloured pants with a super long tunic/dress. It looks like a dress (first outfit) but it is not. It can be open all the way in the front, love it!

Following pictures are a mash up of both outfits. Hope you liked them!

– Until next time  in shaa Allah! ❤

Reminder: 2/3 of Ramadan.

SubhanaAllah half of ramadan is already gone, it went by super fast!! I usually divide ramadan into three parts, 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. 10 days each. Okey so I’m just writing this post as a reminder to myself and to all of my muslim peeps!

I went out for a walk with my sister, her new adorable baby and my mom. During this walk I was just thinking about our fasting and how fast ramadan goes by. It feels like it goes by faster every year, subhanaAllah. Anyway and during these 30 days of fasting this is what I’ve noticed:
– 1/3: the first days are super exciting for everyone, everyone is not only fasting but they are feeding their souls. These are the days people set goals and everyone is trying to be better muslim. Which is awesomesauce!!
– 2/3: this is where it kind of takes a turn for some people. When we come to the second and middle part of ramadan alot of people tend to slack and forget alot about what this month is about. People only fast from food and aren’t reading enough quran or making alot of dua anymore etc.
– 3/3: This is the last period of the month where people regain their hype and imaan again. They start to do better and then baam… The month is over.

Now.. Ramadan is a month of the year. This means it’s only 30 days(!) of a good 365 days! Try to not slack, try to take advantage of this holy month. Try to get rid of bad habits, get new/good ones and just make this month count. Make the WHOLE month meaningful. Half of it is already gone, spend the rest of the time wisely and try to stay motivated, even if it can be tough during summer. I really hope everything is going well for everyone, I know the days in most countries can be super long but inshaAllah you’ll get through it with your body and soul. May Allah reward you for your effort and make it easy upon all of you! 🙂

– Pics from the walk.
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤