All the blessings #LoveRamadan

The first week of Ramadan is over and we’re in our second week, time flies! Ramadan sure is one of the coziest months of the year. I love how we focus on the relationship we have with God, we focus on Allah only. Although our stomachs may be empty most of the time, this month of Ramadan enriches our souls. It’s all about the spiritual side, it’s all about the imaanboost. We charge our souls with imaan so it’ll last until next year, next ramadan and then basically we do the same thing all over again.

It truly is a month of blessings. We all have dates (and eat dates hehe) every night alhamdulillah, we realize how much food really means and the value of it. We realize how blessed we are, not only because of the food but also how blessed we are to have people around us that we love. Ramadan may be difficult (since we fast around 20 hours) but it is still so worth it when we sit together with our families every evning to eat. It reminds us of how much time dunya has taken from us, it reminds us of how many dinners we’ve missed at home and how important it is for us to sit down with our families and just be.. We really should take time to appreciate what Allah has blessed us with.

#Me and my brother the other day. To be out, to take walks and enjoy the creation at its finest is, for me, a way to build my spiritual side. The nature, the sunsets and the company. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

What do you love about Ramadan? (Comment)

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

3 thoughts on “All the blessings #LoveRamadan

  1. Love this!:)
    I agree with everything you said actually! Ramadan is sooo much more than just bear an empty stomach. Alhamdulillah for our blessings :)!

  2. I love that during Ramadan I feel my life is put together and that I’m closer to my family and can truly bind the relationship I have with Allah. May Allah bless us and grant us hikmat and hidayat always (ameen)!

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