Our three winners


For a while I’ve been wanting to write about the three wonderful and gorgeous people that were murdered in North Carolina, Allahi rahmom. I always try to write about positive things and stuff that makes us happy, motivated or fills us with inspiration. This post will be no different. Deah (23), Yusor(21) and Razan(19) were three young people filled with so much love, humbleness and happiness. They were three regular young adults in one part of the world, and in one day they became the most talked about world wide. People die around the world all the time but people have a hard time relating to it but these three people are so easy to relate to and I think that it’s one of the reasons people were in chock and sad. After three days of being so sad for these people and their families I am now so happy for their families who are experiencing so much love from around the world. They and we know that these three individuals were outstanding(muslims) and are now rolemodels for millions of people. Their characters and personalities were so unbelievably pure and good that millions were sad to loose them even though they didn’t know them, millions want justice and awareness of what is happening (the hate around the world). Best of all, millions are making dua for them (prayer). What a sense of tranquility the parents and families must feel knowing that their is a hereafter and that there is a Paradise for the good ones. May Allah let them all meet there one day!

Razan, Yusor and Deah reminded us of our love to our religion, of our visit in this dunya and our time on this earth. They represented Islam with so much class and kindess, they are indeed the definition of muslims. They showed love to everybody, left everybody happy, strived to be the best and loved to help the less fortunate. They are the three winners indeed. Lets all strive to be like them in one way or another. May Allah reunite our ummah in Paradise. Don’t forget them and our brothers and sisters around the world in your duas!10997899_506567259481245_1899920012239559720_n

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Happiness in a box!

So you guys know that I am all about positivity! 🙂 I love what this factor stands for and how it is an essential factor in our lives, that makes life better. Just positivity itself can lead to so many things as happiness, love and motivation. All these things are stuff we need to think about and that is why I wanted to share an idea of how you can maintain this in your lives.

I have a way of reminding myself everyday of how blessed and loved I am. That makes me positive and motivated for everything I do in life. I have a little, pink box on my bedroom table, next to it I have small note-sized pieces of paper and a pink pen. What I do is I write down one quote, aya(quran verse) or a saying that I like on each paper. Then I fold the notes and put it into the box. You are probably wondering why but what I do is I open up the box each morning to read one note a day, and there I find a quote or something else I find inspiring and uplifting.

If you don’t want to write them yourself you can have your friends or familymembers write notes and put them in the box so you’ll read their favorite quotes and motivational notes instead. Right now my box is filled with notes from my friends and family so when I read their quotes and also the name of who wrote it I always smile, seeing the name of my loved ones makes me even happier!! 🙂 I hope you liked this idea! Here are some notes from my box that I have opened so far:
IMG_1253IMG_1258 - KopiaIMG_1272 - KopiaIMG_1281 - Kopia
Smile, forget your problems. /Samia S.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. /Zora
Keep your eyez on the price! /Iman H.
When you’re feeling down, think about one of the funniest memoryies you’ve had! /Samia S.IMG_1284IMG_1305IMG_1312IMG_1314
– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤
Photocred: my bestie Zora!