The light is the focus

Hi and Salam Waaleykom!

So I haven’t written in a while but in the midst of my studying hour I just wanted to share some more reflections on my blog. Last post was about creating your own sunshine, I do believe that we are mainly in control of that (after God ofc). During this past week I have thought of how a lot of people feel so depressed during this time of year! People miss summer, people are in so much stress because of school and all the work. First and for most the gloomy days and the weather. Now I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t seen sunshine in about two months haha and ofc I miss the beautiful sunshine streaming in from my window but I have reflected a lot and I do believe that we need this period each year where you just reflect upon life and everything your surrounded by. I have just realized that these two, grey and gloomy, months and this last stressful semester have made me reflect more upon our journey in life, our destination and connection to Allah/God. So I don’t always consider “dark” times being only dark, I believe in the times we search for light it’s because the light should have been the focus and goal at all times.  I believe it’s a time of year for Allah to bring us closer to him and make us reflect. I have a lot of different readers and some of you may think “I don’t believe in God” but yet deep inside you can relate to some thoughts that cross your mind when you read this. You know what kind of questions you ask yourself during your “dark” days. Focus on God, focus on the light. 🙂




– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

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