Create your own sunshine!

Good Morning!!

I really believe that people can create their own sunshine as in their own happiness. For example, I live in a country where there is pretty much no day light during autumn and winter, well it’s pretty much dark and grey 90% of the year haha. Anyway, this causes a lot of people to complaining which ofc is understandable. But people here, and pretty much everywhere, are pretty “depressed” as they call it because of the weather (summer is gone) and too much studying etc. I mean I get it but try to not make it worse for yourself. If it’s dark and boring, pretty much just a dry period in your life, just turn things around on your own! If it’s dark: create your own sunshine. If school is boring or tough: make it fun och plan things out to make it easier!

I always try to make the best of things and I hope I can help someone else too do the same. Try to see this season as a cozy season. Leaves falling, with different colours, it gets darker sooner which means you can make it cozy and light candles or put up some early winter/christmas light. Now that it is colder you can cozy up with a cute cup of hot chocolate or tea. We can wear the most comfy onezies ever, more times for reading and movies etc. Basically what I am trying to say is that you are in charge of whether you are happy or bitter. What do you choose to be today? 🙂


– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

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