My favorite time of the year: Eid!

I love Eid soo much since it’s always a time filled with love and happiness. Those three days make me feel so blessed and grateful for everything I have and especially my wonderful family. I had an amazing time with the fam and we just ate a lot and hung out! Quality time with the family is the best time ever. It kind of makes me sad to think how life comes in the way of having more quality time with the ones you love, I am so grateful to have that every week but sometimes life gets in the way and by life I mean work and school etc. So don’t forget to acknowlegde your parents, family and close friends because we never know when they won’t be with us anymore. Late Eid Mobarek to every soul out there! 🙂

One of my favorite parts of Eid, choosing the outfits haha. I love going with colourful outfits, outfits with beautiful details and traditional. This is what I wore the three days of Eid.

20141004_132943 - Kopia




20141005_183146 IMG-20141005-WA0064






May Allah make our days filled with love and happiness! May Allah strengthen our imaan to at least ten procent of prophet Ibrahims imaan (a.s)! And may we find ease in sacrificing things in this dunya for Allah. AMEN! 

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

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