Burst the bubble!

Sometimes we forget so many things in our lives that are important because we have a lot of homework, too much work or just wasting time on the internet among other things. We forget to enjoy the little things and the most important things and we just drown in the things inbetween. A lot of people today waste time on so many things, that come our way, that they forget to look beyond that bubble and outside the box. The youth today are presented with so many websites, programmes, apps, tv shows, movies and other things. All this can keep us occupied for a long time! This have made people extremely absent from what’s going on around them. They skip a lot of outside activities, quality time with family and the small things that make our lives so much more interesting and beautiful. Burst that bubble that you are in, do everything moderately, not too little or too much. Don’t waste so much time on just studying that you forget to enjoy what you are doing and forget what/why you are learning. Don’t just sit by the computer all day and forget to hang out with your parents that won’t be with us forever. Don’t just look at tv shows and movies in admiration that you forget to live your own life and reach your own goals. Enjoy and notice the important things in life and you will become so much happier!Ā Burst that bubble you live in, get out there and live life! šŸ™‚


– Until next time in shaa Allah! ā¤


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