Hi and Salam Waaleykom!

Today I wanted to share with you lovelies an awesome experience I had at the end of Ramadan, in Morocco. Me, my sister and a friend from Sweden went to visit an orphanage. We bought some stuff we thought they would like, some snacks etc. They were all from literally one week old to around 14. There was a little boy who was the youngest. He was only a week old, he wore blue, sooo tiny and was asleep. My heart broke for every kid in there who would not grow up with their parents and some who would not grow up in a household in general. It was sad to see but I got happier when they told me about some of the cuties who were going to get adopted. There was two super cute boys, they were twins, blond/gingers, haha adorable. They were going to get adopted by a Dutch couple. May Allah give them a bright future, and the rest of them too.

There was another little girl, probably a month old that got left by the door to the orphanage.. SubhanaAllah it made me realize how unfair and unperfect this world is. Another thing that a noticed was that healthy kids under one were going to get adopted but the kids above nine years were not adopted yet and probably won’t because of their disabilities. I noticed that kids with disabilities were almost the only ones that literally grew up their and weren’t adopted.. Heartbreaking.

Never take anything for granted, your home, your parents, siblings and your up bringing etc. Be happy and content with everything in life because you are always more lucky than you think and you always live better than someone else. Alhamdulillah for everything. 🙂








– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

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