The one with all the smiles


Yesterday me and my friend/neighbour here in Morocco, went for a walk and dinner in Martil. There is a big boulevard there where a lot of people usually just walk, by the beach and there are a lot of restaurants and cafe’s where people sit and hang out. We went for a walk and then for Martils legendary Chawarma. I love wearing colours during summer, or all year long but especially summer so I went for my favorite one: Pink! Loved the outfit, especially the sandals. So cute! Btw. I’m really enjoying Ramadan over here, ofc I which I was with my family but the days here are shorter hehe and I get to eat twice! Not like in Sweden, where I only have time for my one meal which is iftar. No room for suhur or a late night dinner over there. May Allah make it easy upon everyone! And may Allah help us all with the change we need to make! Amen. 🙂







20140710_012807Oufit details

Blouse: Kappahl

Pants: BikBok

Bag: Atmopshere

Hijab: Morocco (as all of my other hijabs)

Watch: Regal

Sandals: H&M 

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

2 thoughts on “The one with all the smiles

  1. Oha va tomt det var i martil, vilken tid var du där egentligen? När alla bröt fastan eller?

    Cok söt på skrattande bilden btw, käka upp dig ❤

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