Hi and Salam Waaleykom lovelies!

Hope everyone is doing great this Ramadan. Right now i’m sitting in our home in Morocco. Alhamdulillah, I got here on Thursday and now it’s Wednesday. I’ve been here for almost a week and I got to tell you guys time flies by. The first two days were the hardest: I had to clean the whole house from scratch and I missed my family and friends so much! It felt weird being here by myself since that has never happened before. But after those two days when I was settled with everything at home, I’d met my cousins and family, I got used to it. But alhamdulillah we talk constantly and in a couple of weeks they will be here! šŸ™‚ And alhamdulillah my travel from Sweden to Spain and Spain to Morocco went well.

20140702_163055Over Denmark, mashaAllah it was so Beautiful!



20140702_212525My hotelroom for the night, the view and outside the hotel. -Barcelona

I hope everyone has a wonderful Ramadan, May Allah accept your fast and guide us all during this blessed month! Don’t forget our brothers and sisters, around the world that aren’t as fortune as we are (alhamdulillah), in your dua.

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ā¤

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