Third week of Ramadan!

Hi and Salam waaleykom!

So right now i’m sweating more than ever, it is extremely warm here in Morocco and while i’m writing this all mosque’s are shouting out the adhaan since it is time for Asr. SubhanaAllah i’m indoors and i’m sweating and i’m a little bother by the heat but alhamdulillah for this situation. People have it worse, I can’t imagine muslims fasting and working outside in the sun, when it’s extremely warm. May Allah make Ramadan easy upon everyone.

So we are in our third week of Ramadan, SubhanaAllah time is flying away! I can’t believe it’s eid next week inshaAllah and I know a lot of people are chocked. I just wanted to remind myself and everyone that we are blessed to be alive and witness another Ramadan. Some may not have the same emaanboost they had in the beginning and some may not feeling Ramadan so far into this month. But make new goals, och renew your old goals as a reminder. Make the most out of this Ramadan while you still can. I’m so sad that it is going by so fast. But the most important part of this post is just to remind us all to make ALOT of dua for our brothers and sisters around the world that are suffering from different kind of things and living in different kind of horrible situations. Don’t forget to make dua for them, remember your brothers and sisters and inshaAllah Allah will remember us when we are in need. I’m so sadend by what’s happening to our ummah, they are probably suffering more than ever. Pray for them! And may Allah guide you this Ramadan and for the rest of the year. Make the most of the time that is left! 🙂

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

The one with all the smiles


Yesterday me and my friend/neighbour here in Morocco, went for a walk and dinner in Martil. There is a big boulevard there where a lot of people usually just walk, by the beach and there are a lot of restaurants and cafe’s where people sit and hang out. We went for a walk and then for Martils legendary Chawarma. I love wearing colours during summer, or all year long but especially summer so I went for my favorite one: Pink! Loved the outfit, especially the sandals. So cute! Btw. I’m really enjoying Ramadan over here, ofc I which I was with my family but the days here are shorter hehe and I get to eat twice! Not like in Sweden, where I only have time for my one meal which is iftar. No room for suhur or a late night dinner over there. May Allah make it easy upon everyone! And may Allah help us all with the change we need to make! Amen. 🙂







20140710_012807Oufit details

Blouse: Kappahl

Pants: BikBok

Bag: Atmopshere

Hijab: Morocco (as all of my other hijabs)

Watch: Regal

Sandals: H&M 

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤


Hi and Salam Waaleykom lovelies!

Hope everyone is doing great this Ramadan. Right now i’m sitting in our home in Morocco. Alhamdulillah, I got here on Thursday and now it’s Wednesday. I’ve been here for almost a week and I got to tell you guys time flies by. The first two days were the hardest: I had to clean the whole house from scratch and I missed my family and friends so much! It felt weird being here by myself since that has never happened before. But after those two days when I was settled with everything at home, I’d met my cousins and family, I got used to it. But alhamdulillah we talk constantly and in a couple of weeks they will be here! 🙂 And alhamdulillah my travel from Sweden to Spain and Spain to Morocco went well.

20140702_163055Over Denmark, mashaAllah it was so Beautiful!



20140702_212525My hotelroom for the night, the view and outside the hotel. -Barcelona

I hope everyone has a wonderful Ramadan, May Allah accept your fast and guide us all during this blessed month! Don’t forget our brothers and sisters, around the world that aren’t as fortune as we are (alhamdulillah), in your dua.

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

Morocco here I come!

Hi and Salam waaleykom darlings!

Right at this second i’m sitting at Arlanda Airport in Sweden, i’m waiting for boarding time. I’ll be heading to Barcelona for a day inshaAllah and then tomorrow i’ll be going to Morocco! Insha Allah. I’m so scared and excited at the same time, to be in Morocco is pretty much what my summers are all about haha. You will always find me in Morocco during my summer breaks, alhamdulillah, love it there. But this time I’ll be alone for a whole month before my parents and my lovely Zora join me.. I’m scared but as I said before i’m excited too, to be on my own, take care of myself and also to see my family. In the end I can’t be totally alone, it’s Ramadan. So I will definitely visit my family and spend alot of time with them inshaAllah. But I already miss my parents, family, Zora and friends. Although I kind of just saw them hihi. 🙂

It’s the first time bringing my computer with me on a vaccation so it will be awesome to blog everything inshaAllah. My electronical diary. I can’t wait to share pictures with you guys from my trip, hope you guys enjoy them. Time to learn Ayat al qursi.. I know, how can I not know it by now?!

– Until next time inshaAllah! ❤


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