Ramadan Mobarek!

tumblr_n7xpycVlcR1toxgxvo1_1280Chebakia – A Moroccan sesame cookie that we make every ramadan!

Hi and salam waaleykom darlings! 🙂

So Ramadan is finally here and alhamdulillah i’m so grateful to be able to experience another Ramadan. This years Ramadan feels so special and I don’t even know why. I hope that I get as much out of this Ramadan as possible. I want to read the whole quran, learn the meaning behind all the surat that I know by heart (to have better khusu’ in my prayers), learn more surat than I already know and read two books I have (one by Yasmin Mogahed and one by Al Arifi) etc..  This Ramadan I mostly want to focus on nuturing my spirituality so that it will be something I mainting during my everyday life for the rest of the year. Hmm, I just realized that maybe this Ramadan feels so special because I have more goals and feel more driven than before haha. And also in three days inshaAllah I’ll be heading to Morocco to fast the rest of Ramadan there. Keep me in you dua’s inshaAllah hihi.

I just want to advice myself and you lovelies to set goals for this Ramadan. Write them down because somehow writing stuff down makes you take them more seriously and you’ll remind yourself of your goals everyday. Set goals to follow, especially since a lot of us have a lot of free-time since it’s summer. Work towards your goals and follow them, remember it is not much about reaching all your goals it is just about the journey towards them. That journey is what makes Ramadan the most wonderful time of the year. And it is that journey that gives us the sweetnes of Ramadan and our deen.

May Allah make this Ramadan easy on all of you, especially for the new converts. May Allah make our imaan stronger. May Allah give you sabr and strenght through this month. And may Allah shower you with the sweetness of our deen! Amen ya rabb al aalamin.

– Until next time in shaa Allah! ❤

5 thoughts on “Ramadan Mobarek!

  1. Waaleikum salam! 🙂 oohh chebbakiiyya is soo delicious with hrira! XD I’ll miiiiisssss you when you leave sweden 😦 great advice and I loooove your goals ma sha Allah!! Boouussa (:

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